Terms & Conditions

Entry Instructions and Requirements

To enter the Darwin Mango Cup, register at mangocup.nt.gov.au and submit an original drink recipe that meets the requirements described below.

Entries must be received by 11:59 PM on Sunday 2nd October 2022. No further entries will be accepted past this date.

There will be one (1) category to enter in the competition, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages will be judged in the same category. Unlicensed venues can only submit a non-alcoholic drink. There is no limit on the number of entries submitted per venue.

There will be a total of five (5) finalists who will enter the judging stage.

The top five (5) finalists will be invited to attend the Judging event in November 2022.

The competition is open for all venues including bars, restaurants, cafes etc. within the Greater Darwin area. It is not necessary for venues to be a member of Hospitality NT.

Drink Recipe Requirements

  • The central ingredient for this drink is mango, a local ingredient available in many forms including but not limited to fresh, frozen, dried, freeze-dried or powdered. Any of these forms may be used.
  • It is mandatory to use NT Mangoes.
  • The recipe must contain a minimum of three (3) ingredients. Any garnish or spritz that is not already listed as an ingredient and which changes the taste or aromatic profile of the drink will be considered an additional ingredient e.g. aromatic herbs, zests, spices, bitters or liqueurs applied to the glass or drink, etc...
  • Solid garnishes are not considered an ingredient
  • The drink must be available to purchase during the judging period.
  • It is prohibited to use ingredients that contain tobacco, any type of drug or psychotropic ingredient.
  • The drink cannot contain more than three (3) alcohol-based beverage ingredients.
  • The total alcohol content of the recipe must not exceed 45ml.
  • Recipes must be expressed in fluid ounces with dashes and/or drops being the smallest quantity (in ml).
  • Preparation and mixing instructions must be included with your recipe.
  • You should specify the glassware to be used for serving. For example, highball, old fashioned, Collins, martini drink glass, margarita, pilsner, punch cup, wine glass or champagne flute, etc.
  • The method of preparation may not involve fire or flames.
  • Recipes entered must be the original creation and if a venue is thought to have plagiarised a known, existing cocktail they will be disqualified.

Drink Name

  • Competitors must specify an original name for their drink.
  • The name may not include any element covered by a third party’s copyright or trademark or any retailer’s name.
  • Competitors need to ensure that names:
    • do not appeal to those below the legal drinking age, if the drink contains alcohol;
    • do not emphasise or allude to the alcoholic strength or the alcohol effect of the drink;
    • do not suggest association with illicit drugs;
    • are not associated with bravado, dangerous or anti-social behaviour;
    • avoid any association with sex or sexual success;
    • avoid any association with sports, educational activities or civic/ religious festivities;
    • do not imply any medicinal properties or values;
    • do not link to illegal, irresponsible or immoderate consumption; and
    • do not allude to enhanced mental or physical capabilities.

Public Voting and Judging

  • The Darwin Mango Cup will be open to the public to vote from Monday 10th October 2022 and will remain open for approximately Four (4) weeks. Votes will not be accepted after midnight on Sunday 6th November 2022.
  • Voting will be conducted online through a mobile website (not an app).
  • Voters will be encouraged to go and visit venues to try the drinks on offer – the nominated drink must be available to be purchased during the judging period.
  • Voters will be able to vote for their Top 5 drinks on the website.
  • Voting will close on Sunday 6th November 2022 at midnight.
  • The Top five (5) drinks will be presented to a panel of judges after the public voting is complete. Judging requirements will be released in the coming weeks, all participating venues will be informed via email. Please note each venue must have a representative available to compete in the judging stage. The competitor is required to provide the judges with the steps to prepare the drink, as well as tell the story they have created for the drink.
  • (Props may be used, however these must be easily carried by the competitor and not require any technical set up).
  • Judging will be focused on – the central ingredient, its innovative use, flavour, presentation, drink name and story.
  • Venues should expect to hear whether they have reached Top five (5) via email on or no later than Tuesday 8 November 2022. Top five (5) venues must have a representative available on judging day to attend in person in Darwin City (Location to be advised). If the venue does not have a representative available on the chosen day, they will automatically forfeit their position.

Entries and Winner Requirements

  • The winning venue must commit to including the winning drink on their menu for at least twelve (12) months. (All venue entries are encouraged to add a variation of the
  • winning drink to their menus to support the competition’s best mango drink initiative).
  • The winning venue must be prepared to provide the recipe for their drink to Activate Darwin, to become the standard/ baseline for the local industry to add their own touches.
  • All venues must be willing to share full recipes and list of ingredients of entries should Activate Darwin wish to create a recipe book or cards. Venues will be acknowledged and hold IP.


By participating in the Event/Promotion, the Entrant acknowledges and agrees that Activate Darwin on behalf of the Northern Territory Government will:

  1. Collect, hold, use and disclose the Entrant’s personal information in order to facilitate the Entrant’s participation in the Event/Promotion;
  2. Disclose the Entrant’s personal information to the event organiser engaged by Activate Darwin to undertake the Event/Promotion for the purpose of facilitating the Event/Promotion and will not use, or allow the Event organiser to use, the Entrant’s personal information an any other manner, other than to manage and administer the promotion.
  3. Collect personal information about the Entrant’s participation in the Promotion/Event from the Event organiser, website and businesses participating in the promotion.
  4. Use the Entrants personal information for future promotional and marketing purposes, including contacting the Entrant via any contact details provided by the Entrant without further reference or compensation to the Entrant. If the Entrant does not wish to receive future marketing information from Activate Darwin, the Entrant may request to not receive further promotional or marketing communications from Activate Darwin and their event organisers at any time by contacting Activate Darwin or unsubscribing from the mailing list at the time of receiving the promotional material.
  5. Any collection, storage or use by Activate Darwin of any personal information provided by an Entrant will be subject to the provisions of the Information Act 2002 and Information Privacy Principles while the personal information is in the possession of Activate Darwin.


The judges’ decision is final, absolute and completely discretional, after which there is no appeal on the part of any competitor or third party.

By participating in this Competition, you indicate your unconditional agreement to these Terms and Conditions, the Competition Requirements, and Judges decisions, which are final and binding. You cannot win unless you comply with all requirements set forth herein.